Here are some interesting buys i have found online and thought they are useful for those learning to drive or are a new driver. Also some items that i use within my car that i get asked where i get them from, so i thought i would put them all on here for you to access.

Please Note: I am not affiliated with any of the products listed below, nor do i earn any commission or any profits from these products when they are bought.

Links To Useful Items

Road Sign Flash Cards

Road Sign Flash Cards

Theory Test Colouring Book

Theory Test Revision Colouring Book

Blind Spot Parking Mirrors

Bling Spot Mirrors / Parking Mirrors

Extra Rear View Mirror

Extra Rear View Mirror For Passenger / Examiner

Jelly Belly Cherry Air Fresheners

Jelly Belly Cherry Air Fresheners

L Plates

L Plates

Magnetic Phone Holder Mount

Magnetic Phone Mount / Holder

P Pass Plates

P Pass Plates

Driving The Essential Skills Driving Bible

Driving The Essential Skills

The Highway Code Book

The Official Highway Code

Know You Traffic Signs Book

Know Your Traffic Signs

Driving Test Success DVD Boxset

Driving Test Success All Tests DVD Box Set

Although all products are available for anyone to buy online using their amazon account we understand that not everyone has access to online shopping. Therefore we are happy to purchase items on your behalf. Please speak with your instructor about this on your next automatic driving lesson.