Your First Lesson

Having a first lesson can be a little nerve wracking, and maybe you'd like to know what to expect?

You only need to bring your provisional driving licence, your payment if not bank transferred and knowledge of your national insurance number if you haven't generated a check code.

On your first lesson we shall also discuss how data will be collected and stored and run through the terms and conditions of learning to drive. 

On your first lesson, we'll drive us to somewhere quiet, where we can practice and get you started. 

Some people have had driving experience before and some haven't - and that's ok! 

If you have driven before, we'll ask a few questions to establish your current level of driving, and we'll go for a drive around a quiet area. We can watch your driving and you can get used to driving our car. We can then work on developing any areas which you feel you need to practice, and we'll perfect any areas that you've already got the hang of. Lessons following our first will be continuing developing and challenging your weaknesses, and enhancing your strengths. 

If you haven't driven before, we'll go through the basics of driving a car. First of all, we'll look at the 'Cockpit Drill'. This is making sure the car is set up for your use, such as ensuring the seat is adjusted for you, the head restraint is adjusted, the mirrors, etc.

Following this, we'll look at the controls of the car - such as what the controls do, which pedals are which, what they do and how to use them. 

Once you've understood what happens and why, we'll get moving! On your first lesson, you will be driving if you feel comfortable doing so. It will be a quiet residential or back road, and we have dual control pedals to assist if need be. This will be taken at your own pace. Your driving on your first lesson will mostly consist of moving off and stopping to practice using the pedals. We may also possibly look at basic junctions. 

If you're rather nervous and would prefer not to drive on your first lesson, that's ok too! We can take it slowly at a pace to suit you.

Please talk to us if you have any particular concerns about your driving. We'll be happy to accommodate anything that may help you feel more comfortable when starting your lessons.